It all started in our humble kitchen in the heart of the mountains. We asked the question, how can we eat healthier, tastier food without being stuck in the kitchen? In the midst of this fast-paced and hectic world, where simplicity and speed are valued above all else, we made a conscious decision to prioritize finding out how. Countless recipes demanded specific ingredients that we would only use once, leaving them to languish in our fridge or cabinets.

Moreover, we discovered that certain spices were tailored to specific types of cuisine. We got tired of it! We wanted to create something that brought us flavor and versatility at the same time, no matter what dish we would be cooking up! Thats what inspired us to create our blends! We wanted to share our love for flavor and help make an Impact in your kitchen, thus Impact Spice. We designed these flavors so you can simply Season, Eat, Repeat!

We carefully crafted these blends, ensuring, premium, quality ingredients. These products are guaranteed fresh. We designed our 3.5oz jars for you so you don’t feel committed to a large bottle and you can save space in your cabinet! We cannot wait for you to join us on the journey of cooking and share your story with us.